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Canal Z features SettleMint and Blockchain Transformation

Belgium’s leading business and finance TV channel interviews SettleMint’s team to understand the company and how it helps organizations to accelerate value creation with blockchain.

Earlier this year, Canal Z, Belgium’s leading business and finance TV channel, took the time to visit SettleMint’s office in Leuven to understand the company’s story and its Blockchain Transformation Solution.

During the visit, some members of SettleMint’s leadership team were interviewed to explain these topics. You can watch the interviews in the news reports below.

Watch the news report in French


Watch the news report in Dutch


First up was Salvatore Provenzano, VP of Sales for Europe, who discussed how blockchain can transform a number of industries. 

“Blockchain technology has enormous potential in many industry sectors. There are four areas where this technology is already present and used in production. The first covers everything related to finance and banking, especially the digitalization of assets. The second relates to everything in the supply chain, such as track & trace. The third area is to do with marketing, so we're talking about digital experiences including NFT technology. The fourth area is in the public domain, with voting systems, digital identity and other matters that affect the population and the public sector.”


Then, Matthew Van Niekerk, CEO and Co-Founder, explained what SettleMint’s mission is and how his experience implementing blockchain in banking led him to co-found the company.

“SettleMint has always been about making it easy for enterprises to realize Blockchain Transformation. We’ve been at it for about seven years now and, before that, I worked in a bank in Belgium where I was responsible for implementing blockchain technologies. I ran into many obstacles, so I decided that the world needed a platform that makes it easy for people like me at the bank at the time.”



Finally, the interviewers turned to Isabelle Poppe, VP of Product Strategy, who detailed what Blockchain Transformation is, explaining how it connects the dots between technology, people and processes.

“At SettleMint, we have a very clear objective: we want to help every organization innovate with blockchain and, to this end, we will launch a Blockchain Transformation process with them. Technology is of course a very important element and we offer efficient software that developers can use to create applications very quickly. But your employees always hold the key to success. This is why we have developed, with our strategic partners, a comprehensive offer that focuses not only on technology but also on non-technological components, such as consulting, training, continuing orientation, knowledge development and, above all, the cultural change that such a process implies. It is precisely this comprehensive solution that will provide very fast results and a lasting effect. This is where we make a difference in the blockchain market but what is really important is that our customers can also make a difference in their markets.”




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