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SettleMint begins full-scale expansion in Japan

Belgium-based blockchain development platform SettleMint begins full-scale expansion of business for the domestic market in Japan.

Providing support to domestic companies that are involved in Web3 businesses.

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SettleMint NV, a blockchain development platform provider (Headquarters: Leuven, Belgium; CEO: Matthew van Niekerk), has established SettleMint Japan合同会社 (SettleMint Japan) in Japan and has commenced full-scale expansion for the Japanese market. Simultaneously, SettleMint will offer its high-speed development tool, "SettleMint Blockchain Platform as a Service," and blockchain application development services to domestic companies looking to deploy blockchain-based businesses.

Rapid development of blockchain applications

In Japan, discussions on the utilization of blockchain technology for business are rapidly progressing. As a response to the challenges faced in these new initiatives, our company has been receiving concerns about extended development periods and the associated increase in costs.

To address these issues, SettleMint provides a developer-friendly Low-Code platform called “Blockchain Transformation Platform”, which offers a one-stop solution for all the necessities required in the development of blockchain-based systems.

With SettleMint’s Blockchain Transformation Platform, developers can easily select blockchain protocols, deploy on public clouds or specific locations, and launch nodes through intuitive clicks, eliminating the need for extensive coding. They can set up the infrastructure layer in as little as 3 minutes. Moreover, all blockchain-specific development layers, such as smart contract design and IPFS integration, can be efficiently designed and built directly on the platform, enabling rapid product development.

In addition to improved development efficiency, SettleMint’s Blockchain Transformation Platform allows for the deployment of various protocols, both private and public, across multiple clouds and regions. This enables the realization of a flexible blockchain infrastructure strategy.

SettleMint provides support for use case development, training, and custom development projects

SettleMint Japan aims to support companies' blockchain adoption from various aspects beyond providing the platform.

  • For companies that have yet to explore the use of blockchain or Web3, SettleMint offers consulting services for business development support, introducing specific use cases to aid in the development of their Web3 projects.
  • To promote transformation within companies, SettleMint provides blockchain training for employees to enhance their understanding of Web3 on a company-wide level.
  • For companies with specific blockchain use cases but limited development resources, SettleMint offers rapid and efficient custom development solutions using their platform.

For inquiries about their services, please contact the Sales Department of SettleMint Japan合同会社 at: japan-sales@settlemint.com.

Future developments

At SettleMint Japan, the direction for the future involves strengthening product utilization materials, enhancing proposal systems, and aiming to secure adoption by 10 to 20 domestic companies by the end of the year. Additionally, there are plans to expand the Customer Success team to provide better support to existing customers.

Furthermore, in the context of domestic expansion, SettleMint Japan will actively promote collaboration with partner companies to bolster support for system integrators developing Web3/blockchain-related projects using SettleMint's platform. They will also extend their strategic partnership with Fujitsu Limited (hereafter, Fujitsu) to apply it within Japan, enabling the reselling of SettleMint products by Fujitsu and establishing Japanese-language support. This joint effort will result in proposing and supporting projects for customers in the Japanese market.

Considering the Japanese market as a core market, SettleMint will continue investing in the market through product adaptations for Japan, generating a user community within Japan, and providing continuous support to the Japanese market.

Endorsements from our partner company

Fujitsu Limited, Global Business Solutions Business Group, Cross-Industry Solutions Division, Head of Business Division, Shunichi Ko's Comment

We at Fujitsu are delighted to be a collaborative partner with SettleMint NV, supporting their full-scale expansion into the Japanese market. Our company is committed to addressing social challenges, such as promoting GHG emission reduction, by connecting trust to data in supply chains that span across countries and corporations. By leveraging SettleMint as an SDK, we aim to accelerate our sustainable initiatives more seamlessly and efficiently.

Statement from the representative

Comment from SettleMint Founder and CEO, Matthew van Niekerk

We are thrilled to announce our expansion into the Japanese market. Partnering with Fujitsu enables us to address significant social challenges, such as GHG emission reduction, by leveraging blockchain technology to establish trust in cross-industry supply chain data. Other than that, we have gained expertise in guiding financial institutions through their blockchain transformation journey when adopting Web3 in their core processes and in a variety of other applications.

Regardless of the diverse use cases that this technology can empower, our ultimate goal at SettleMint is to expedite blockchain adoption for every organization, empowering them to innovate without barriers. We firmly believe that our solutions will play a key role in accelerating sustainable initiatives and driving positive change in Japan and beyond.

Comment from Hiroki Morita, VP Japan of SettleMint Japan合同会社

In Japan, discussions about the widespread adoption of Web3/blockchain are gaining momentum. At this opportune time, we look forward to driving the expansion of SettleMint, the global leader in blockchain development platforms, in the Japanese market.

Working alongside our valued partner companies, we aim to support your blockchain innovations, contributing not only to SettleMint's growth in Japan but also to the advancement of the domestic Web3 community.

To achieve this, we will implement various measures, such as localizing strategies for the Japanese market and expanding the user community.

Summary of the Japanese Entity

Company Name: SettleMint Japan合同会社

Location: R7 Building SPACES六本木, 7-12-2 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan

Representative: VP, Japan - Hiroki Morita

Business Description: Sales and Implementation Support of Blockchain Technology Products

Website: https://www.settlemint.com 

About SettleMint

SettleMint is a global company that provides a Blockchain Platform as a Service. Its headquarters is located in Belgium, and it operates in the UAE, India, Singapore, and Japan.

Established in 2016, SettleMint's main goal was to offer solutions to simplify the development process of blockchain adoption for businesses. Currently, it serves over 80 global customers, including large-scale enterprises like Coca-Cola, Ab InBev, OCBC Bank, Standard Chartered Bank, and Fujitsu, supporting their advanced blockchain projects.

By leveraging SettleMint's platform, businesses can rapidly develop blockchain applications, allowing them to offer new Web3/blockchain-based services in a shorter time frame and at a superior quality.

(*1) As of July 2023: According to our company's research.

SettleMint is a one stop shop





ブロックチェーン開発プラットフォームを提供するSettleMint NV(セトルミント)(本社:ベルギー·ルーヴェン市、CEO Matthew van Niekerk)は、日本にSettleMint Japan合同会社(セトルミントジャパン)を設立し、日本市場に向けた本格展開を開始しました。同時にSettleMintは、企業がブロックチェーンを活用したビジネスを展開する際に利用可能な、高速開発ツール「SettleMint Blockchain Transformation Platform」とブロックチェーンアプリ開発の受託開発を国内において提供します。


Rising-Sun-1.2 (1)





SettleMintは、ブロックチェーンを活用したシステムの開発において、開発に必要な全てのものをワンストップで提供する、開発者向けローコードプラットフォームであるBlockchain Transformation Platformを提供します。

開発者がBlockchain Transformation Platform上から、ブロックチェーンのプロトコルの選択、デプロイするパブリッククラウド並びにロケーション、ノードの立ち上げを直感的なクリックだけでコーディングが不要な形で実現が可能となり、インフラレイヤーを最短3分で立ち上げることが可能になります。また、スマートコントラクトの設計やIPFSなどのブロックチェーン特有の開発レイヤーも全てプラットフォーム上から設計、構築ができるようになっているため、圧倒的な開発効率で製品化の実現が可能となります。




SettleMint Japanでは、プラットフォーム(Blockchain Transformation Platform)の提供以外に、様々な側面から企業のブロックチェーン活用を支援していきます。

  • 今までブロックチェーンやWeb3の活用が未着手の企業向けに、具体的なユースケースを紹介しながらの事業開発支援のコンサルティングの提供を通して、企業のWeb3事業開発を支援していきます。
  • 企業におけるトランスフォーメーションの促進を目的に、全社的にWeb3に対する理解を深めるための従業員向けブロックチェーントレーニングの提供を行います。
  • 具体的なブロックチェーン活用ユースケースがあるものの、開発リソースが無い企業向けには、SettleMintのプラットフォームを活用した、爆速での受託開発の提供が可能です。


SettleMint Japan合同会社 営業部:japan-sales@settlemint.com 



SettleMint Japanでは、製品活用資料の整備や、ご提案体制を強化し、年内に国内10社~20社でのご採用を目指して活動していく方針です。また、すでにご利用のお客様へのサポートを強化する目的で、カスタマーサクセスチームの増設も計画中です。




富士通株式会社 グローバルビジネスソリューションビジネスグループ クロスインダストリーソリューション事業本部長 神俊一 コメント

富士通はこのたび、SettleMint NVの協業パートナーとして日本市場に向けた本格展開をご支援できることを大変うれしく思います。当社は国や企業間にまたがるサプライチェーンのデータをトラストにつなぎ、GHG排出削減の推進など社会課題の解決に取り組んでおり、SettleMintSDKとして活用することによって、よりスムーズに、サステナブルな取り組みを加速していきます。


SettleMint 創業者兼CEO マシュー·ヴァン·ニーカーク(Matthew van Niekerk)のコメント




SettleMint Japan合同会社 VP Japan 森田大樹 コメント





会社名:SettleMint Japan合同会社

所在地:東京都港区六本木7-12-2 R7ビルディング  SPACES六本木

代表者:VP, Japan 森田大樹

事業内容: ブロックチェーン技術製品の販売及び導入支援



SettleMintは世界的なBlockchain Platform as a Serviceを提供する企業で、ベルギーに本社を置き、UAE、インド、シンガポール、日本で事業を展開しています。

2016年にSettleMintは、企業のブロックチェーン活用における開発工程の複雑化を解決するためのソリューションを提供する目的で設立されました。現在ではグローバル80以上の顧客を持ち、Coca-ColaAb InBev, OCBC銀行、Standard Chartered銀行、富士通など大規模な企業の先進的なブロックチェーンプロジェクトにおいて、活用がされています。



社名:SettleMint NV

本社所在地:Arnould Nobelstraat 30 #202, 3000 Leuven Belgium


代表取:共同創業者兼CEO マシュー·ヴァン·ニーカーク(Matthew van Niekerk




(*1) 20237月:当社調べ

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